Just a quick post for today.  This is the inside of one of the mill buildings in Lawrence, MA that is undergoing renovations.  Unfortunately, this section of the building was completely locked, and I couldn’t find a way inside.  So instead, I took this shot through one of the windows looking in.  I tried to mask out most of the reflections from the glass, but if you look closely, some are still visible.  Even though I couldn’t really experiment with different angles because I wasn’t inside, I still like the lines, patterns, and the light streaming through the large windows.

Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-70, f/11, 24mm, 1/125 second


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    Excellent composition with great lines and light Steven. You should try the lens skirt for shooting through windows. I saw it on Justin Balog’s blog a month or so ago and picked one up. Works as advertised.

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    Wow, this is outstanding man. I love the lighting and the composition!

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    I like how you’ve used the light on the floor as a compositional element. Nicely done Steven!

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    Great composition, I would never have guessed you had to shoot this through a window! Great balance to this. Well done.

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    Welocme back Steven. I’ve missed your blog posts. Great shot. I love the shadows on the ground.

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    Lovely shot, Steven. The shadows and light streaming through the scene really make this quite nice. Well done, man.

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    I love the harsh light streaming through the windows casting those shadows. Great image.

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    Love this shot, those shadows are stunning my friend!

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    Love the shadows and repeating patterns

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