Just a quick post today as this is shaping up to be a very busy week.  This is Marblehead Light in Marblehead, MA.  It was built in 1895, and sits on a peninsula of land called Marblehead Neck on the north shore of Massachusetts.  It’s constructed of cast iron, and is the only lighthouse of its kind in New England.  Plus, it just looks cool.


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    This is an odd find! I wonder how they’ve been able to keep the iron from rusting away all these years.

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    I thought this was an oil rig at first glance.
    Never knew lighthouses were constructed like this. What a cool find. Like Curt, I wonder how the salt has allowed this to remain standing. Talk about high maintenance. 🙂

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    Very cool Steven. I really like the way you’ve processed it.

  4. Kira Kay
    Posted September 27, 2011 at 9:52 am | Permalink

    As a Marblehead resident I’m happy to provide this link about our unusual cast iron lighthouse…


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    I like the tint in this image. Nice subject. Never seen a lighthouse skeleton. 🙂

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    Nice shot Steven – I like the strong composition… did you process this using the Topaz B&W Effects plug-in?

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      Thanks Simon. This was actually processed a while ago using some of the presets in LR with a few tweaks.

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