One of the sports my boys play in the spring is baseball.  While they will soon be getting into a more competitive level of little league, this past season they were both still playing in the “everyone gets a trophy” phase of their burgeoning sports careers.  Debate if you will the merits of providing all kids with trophies and whether it sends the right or wrong messages to the kids, but once you see the expression on their faces when they’re holding that little golden man in their hands, the debate for me disappears.  As the kids were finishing their last game of the season, I captured this image of the trophies waiting to be handed out to some very happy and deserving young baseball players.


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    Excellent shot Steven. I know there is a great debate on how showering non-stop praise on our kids but you hit on the one powerful counter-argument. At the end of the day, no one really knows, but I’d take the smile of your boys.

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    I agree with Len. I think the constant praising is not the way to go – not everyone wins everyday in life. But to see the smile in your kids eyes, I suppose that is priceless… 🙂

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    By the way, fantastic shot!!

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    I like the perspective and color.

    I always looked at these awards at this age something given for trying their best and participation.

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