As I’ve already shown in several previous posts here and here, this property is one of my favorite local spots to shoot.  And for whatever reason, I’m drawn to this particular gate, and have worked on all different angles and times of day with it.  When I saw that the sky was setting up for a nice sunset a few weeks ago, I decided to head over again and see what I could get for a sunset shot.  As I approached the gate, I noticed that this sign had been recently added where there wasn’t one before.  On most occasions, I find myself setting up for a wide view of the gate and the field beyond, but this time I tried a more intimate shot of the gate focusing on the sign.  Previous attempts at a tighter view just never seemed to work out very well, but I thought this new variable might make a difference.  My point in showing this image is that even small changes in the places or things you like to shoot can make a big difference in the images you create.  Be on the lookout for these subtle changes, and familiar objects and places can feel new again.


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    Excellent point about subtle changes, Steven. You are so right, it doesn’t take much to create a new experience.

    Love that colorful sky. Makes this an outstanding shot!

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    Really clean image. Isn’t it cool? You can take a million shots and they’ll all be different.

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